Japan Network

Although relatively small in size, Japan is one of the most actively developing country networks at PRI and it promotes responsible investment by organising regular ESG workshops and conferences. In the last year, the network focused on educating trustees of Japanese pension funds, insurance companies and foundations about the relevance and materiality of ESG integration.

Current working groups include:

  • Disclosure Working Group

    Focused on raising awareness of the importance of disclosure, while examining the effectiveness and efficiency of ESG-related disclosure. It is coordinated by Nikko Asset Management.

  • Engagement Working Group

    Focused on analysing current international and local engagement best practices and networking with leading signatories from other countries. This group is coordinated by Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. Ltd.

  • Integration Working Group

    Works to share and discuss methodologies for integrating ESG information into investment decision-making. This group is coordinated by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking corp.


    Dr Michiyo Morisawa


    Japan Network Director