Brazil and South America Network

The PRI Brazil Network was established in 2008, and has been lead and chaired since its inception by PREVI. In order to better meet signatories’ needs, the Network has since expanded its focus in South America to better serve the region, with efforts underway to improve service delivery to Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Chile. 

The PRI Brazil and South America network has 71 signatories, with 19 asset owners,  33 asset managers and 19 service providers. The PRI asset owner signatories represent over 60% of the AUM of the local pension fund market. The Network has established long lasting relationships with industry bodies, including PRI Network Supporters ABRAAP (the pension fund association) and ABVCAP (the PE and VC association), and has been working with organisations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, International Integrated Reporting Council, Global Reporting Initiative and UN Global Compact to share resources and gain visibility. 

The PRI Brazil and South America Network is in a unique position to gather like-minded investors and industry associations to drive the business case and agenda of responsible investment to a mainstream level, and currently has projects in progress with the Colombian and Chilean stock exchanges, Latin Sustainable Investment Forum and many local signatories. 

Current working groups include:

  • Recruitment and Awareness Working Group

    Focused on raising awareness about the materiality of ESG issues to investment processes among asset owners, investment managers and service providers in the country, and on the recruitment of new signatories to the Principles.

  • Engagement Working Group

    Focused on engaging with local companies. The work of this group is crucial since legislation obliges pension funds in the country to invest majority of their assets in local equities.

  • Investment Working Group

    Focused on finding the most material ESG issues for investors in different sectors

  • Investment Policy Working Group

    Focused on assisting pension funds in writing their ESG investment policy.


    Pedro Paulo de Siqueira Galoppi


    Brazil and South America Network Manager